A Collection of Lamps, Candle stands and holders, based on various concepts.

Laughing Buddha Lamp

Laughing Buddha Table Lamp

Inspiration: Laughter

I had come across the symbol of laughter as “Laughing Buddha”.
And hence it came out as a table lamp spreading the light of happiness.

This whole lamp is made of Plaster of Paris by using different hand techniques
by molding without a single tool.

It can be used as a corner lamp , floor lamp as its height is of 20” height and 18”.width.


Flowing Candle Stand

Flowing Candle Stand

Inspiration: Underwater Plants

The flowing movement of the sea plants and their sleek silhouettes, linear forms.

It helped me to come with the this form with the black and white color combination
as I wanted to maintain the balance with the rhythm which is created with the
curves in the products.

The movements of the sea plants is brought alive in the product.







Floor Corner Lamp

Floor Corner Lamp - Rural Cubism

Inspiration: Cubism  and Rural Life



The texture which is created by weaving  is taken from the cots used in the rural villages.


Concept of cubism is also integrated into this product.


Height –32” & width –12”

Cocoon Side Lamp

Inspiration: Woven CocoonWoven Cocoon Side Lamp

The form of the cocoon, and the way it is surrounded by the web
helped me  come up with this side lamp.

Height-4”& width –7”

The color is dark brown, creates a mellow ambience when  light passes through it.


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